Forthcoming Exhibition In London November 2017




Mark Burrell Art Studio 2017

If you are interested in a piece of work
You are very welcome to contact Mark
for an appointment to
visit his Studio and Galleries 

Mobile: 07961297460  Email:  




See Marks work at various websites listed below (Links in Orange will open in new window)


See Mark Burrell talking about his work, filmed by Ferini Art Gallery Pakefield Winter 2014/15

Nick Murray Brown reading passages from ‘The Iron Bridge’ book by John Ward. Paintings and drawings by Mark Burrell

The North Sea Magical Realists Group is a platform to circulate ideas, promote and develop the art movement of North Sea Magical Realism; as represented by two master artists, Mark Burrell and Peter Rodulfo.                                                                                                            


Local Artist Mark Burrell