…The paintings by Mark Burrell convey rare command of a very peculiar and very English painter, for Mark is essentially a story teller who employs pigment rather than words to construct allegories, fables and fictions.  His fantastic narratives are as much concerned with plot, setting and character as they are with line space and colour.Tony Collins, Head of School of Art and Design, Lowestoft College, Suffolk

…The paintings are colourful and often very personal, and at times very mysterious indeed, these paintings can be looked at again and again, there are touches of humour as well as the darker side of life, from strange green beings growing out of bushes, communing with ghosts, to sheep in fields flying.Eastern Daily Press, Arts Review

…New imagery is used by Mark Burrell to create a reverentially humorous depiction of Christ’s voyage, complete with teapot, across the Sea of Galilee.Angela Summerfield, Director of Art Royal Over-seas League

…Mark Burrell’s paintings are developments of real life experiences or emotions, and in his oils he uses rich glowing colours.Images, Arts Review Magazine

…I was drawn to the compelling work of Mark Burrell.  His detailed paintings predominantly of purples greens and blues enable you to enjoy and enter in to his own natural conjuring of mental invention.
…The self portrait which is enhanced by a glorious multi-coloured background where ghost like figures loom.
Sarah Garwood,Art Critic, Lowestoft Journal

…Mark paints symbolist figurative oils with psychic, religious or political themes, often dealing with intense states of mind or emotion, a highly patterned world in beautiful states of decay.Wilde Contemporary Art, The Mall Galleries, London

…Mark Burrell gives us Technicolor dreams of impending disaster…Tony Warner, Art Critic, Eastern Daily Press

…The works of Mark Burrell have the quality of allegory about them…Alan Tabelin, Lowestoft Journal